First Man Standing

Patrick Brooks: Last Night

A short film about an instance of sexual assault at a UK university, about why a victim may not report what has happened to anybody and why they feel so isolated.

We are the Lions

A spoken word short film which aims to engage men to think differently about their role in our culture and to encourage them to become catalysts of cultural change.

The Hunting Ground

This is the trailer for a 'terrifying true' documentary film about sexual assault on US campuses. (Available to watch in full on Netflix.)

David Llewellyn: The Good Lad Initiative

David Llewellyn, a founder of the Good Lad Initiative, talks about how the organization aims to improve the definition and behaviour of what it means to be a 'lad' through discussion-facilitated workshops. The goal is to create a better gender dynamic between men and women on university campuses and beyond.