First Man Standing

What can I do?

At my university:

  • Ask your university to include sexual consent workshops as part of the freshers' week programme, if they are not doing so already. See some example resources here.
  • Ask your university to run Good Lad workshops, which aim to promote 'positive masculinity', for sports teams, colleges or faculties.
  • Ask your university to better publicise the support services available to women who have experienced violence or abuse.
  • Look up and become familiar with your university's sexual assault policy, so that if anyone you know experiences assault, you immediately know what can be done through the university and what their rights are.
  • Partner with your Student Union's Women's Campaign or Consent Committee to work for change at a university level.
  • Challenge your friends when they display sexist attitudes - and ask them to do the same for you.

More widely:

  • Sign up to the White Ribbon Campaign to never commit, condone, or remain silent about men's violence against women.
  • Sign this petition by IC Change to get the UK government to ratify the Istanbul Convention. This Convention is the most comprehensive legal framework that exists to tackle violence against women and girls. UN Women have named the Istanbul Convention ‘a gold standard’ for tackling violence against women. So far, over 20 countries have ratified the convention, including Turkey, Serbia and Albania, but Britain hasn't.
  • Sign up to the original FMS campaign by Restored.
  • Fundraise for your local Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis centre is another great way to respond in a political climate which has seen women refugees' and emergency resources cut.