First Man Standing

We want every student to be unashamed in acknowledging, condemning and working to end gender inequality in any form at university.

This campaign took place in October 2016.

Through speaker events, documentary screenings and other activities, students examined the true extent of sexism in our universities and their role in challenging it.

Although the campaign week is over, we don't want things to end there. We hope the resources we've gathered and the blogs about the campaign will still be useful to any student wanting to tackle sexism at university.

The three main aims of Unashamed are:

  1. To raise awareness

  2. To challenge culture

  3. To celebrate positive stories

You can find out more about the campaign through the Unashamed Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as by reading the Unashamed blog.

The campaign took place in conjunction Just Love, a student movement for social justice. If you want to find out more, email