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Young men can be trailblazers for gender equality

Anonymous, Men: Friends , United Kingdom

David is the most extraordinary champion of women's rights.

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A Friend in Oxford

Hannah Mitchell, Unashamed Campaign, United Kingdom

Someone who's inspired me to keep seeking gender justice is my friend Mike Kent.

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My primary school teacher

Joshua Smedley, Unashamed Campaign, United Kingdom

My primary school teacher told us that the boys in the class would probably earn more than the girls

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My son

Anonymous, Men: Family, United Kingdom

My son told me: 'This is not your fault, Mom. Look at me - it is not your fault.'

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Challenging the lack of female authors on our literature course

Anonymous, Men: Friends , United Kingdom

46 out of our 48 set texts in first year were written by men - and I didn't even notice. 

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My husband overcame my negative perceptions of men

Eva, Men: Partners, United Kingdom

I used to think all men were bad, dangerous, cunning and manipulative - but my husband changed that. 

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Encouragement and partnership: life with a fair husband

Corina, Men: Partners, South Africa

My husband is an example of what it means to live a life of encouragement and partnership together, while acknowledging that our passions may cause us to move in different directions along the way!

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My inspiring work colleagues

Ebru Karatufek, Men: Friends , United Kingdom

Jack and Joe are two men in my team who inspire and motivate me everyday.

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Saying no to the rating game

Lucy, Men: Public Space, United Kingdom

A young guy challenging his mates who continually rated girls' appearance.

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