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What Did Your Dad Teach You?

05 July 2017 — — General What Did Your Dad Teach You?

This June, we wanted to spend more time thinking about fathers than just Father's Day on the 18th. After all, being a good dad is no easy task. So we spent the whole of this month asking you 'What did your dad teach you?' and 'How was he a good dad?', starting a conversation around fatherhood and learning from the answers you shared. For every reply we got, we donated £1 to White Ribbon to support support their work investing in men and promoting gender equality.

We really enjoyed seeing your answers about your dads and found them pretty inspiring, so we thought we'd share some of them with you. 

From the practical to the emotional, it was clear that your dads had taught you a whole range of life lessons. 

Support from dads gave you the confidence to try new things and to be different. 

Many of your dads also showed you the importance of gender equality, though both what they did and what they said. 

What was also clear, is that a man doesn't have to be your biological father to be a father figure. 

Dads teach us to ride bikes, how to treat other people and influence our whole outlook on life. It's was inspiring to read about how many of your dads taught you about gender equality from a young age. If a generation of children grow up now seeing equality, not discrimination, as the norm, imagine how different the world would look. To find about more about how you can be a First Man Standing as a father, read our blog post here