First Man Standing

Valentine’s Day Competition: What You Need to Know

08 February 2017 — — General Valentine’s Day Competition: What You Need to Know

We want to hear about your experiences of equality in relationships - tell us about a First Man Standing you know to be in with a chance to win!

Prize: £50 restaurant voucher

Who: We want to hear from anyone and everyone!

What: Write a few lines about an act or attitude of equality shown by a man you know - it could be a friend, partner, colleague, parent... We want to hear about how these men are demonstrating equality in their romantic relationships. Have they taken extra paternity leave so their wife can go back to work, or do they stand out in the group because they always speak of their girlfriend with respect whether she's in the room or not, or did they take on more housework because they realised their partner was doing more than them? Whatever it is, let us know!

How: Enter on our website here. We’ll choose a winner after Valentine's Day and let you know by email.

For a more information about why we are running this competition, read our article about Valentine's Day here.