First Man Standing

A First Man Standing is a man who stands up against sexism.

Our website has been set up to inspire and celebrate First Men Standing: from our personal story project to our collection of online resources, our aim is to learn from each other how to live out gender equality and respect. Our vision is to build a movement of men committed to gender equality, standing alongside women to make change a reality. Gender injustice affects us all and it’s up to all of us to end it.

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Profile: Peter Mathieson

Anonymous, Men: Education, Hong Kong

Peter Mathieson is the president of the University of Hong Kong. 

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Profile: Feridun Hamdullahpur

Anonymous, Men: Education, Canada

Feridun Hamdullahpur is the president of the University of Waterloo.

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Profile: Dominic Barton

Anonymous, Men: Business, United Kingdom

Dominic Barton is the global managing director of McKinsey & Company.

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Who does the housework?

Anonymous, Men: Fathers, United Kingdom

When people ask me about my mum's cooking, I find it quite refreshing to say "Actually, my dad does all the cooking."'

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A Businessman, Fireman, Policeman - Where Are the Women?

Anonymous, Men: Friends , United Kingdom

Speakers sometimes seem to forget that there are women in the audience - and address just the men.

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Our fight too

Anonymous, Men: Public Space, United Kingdom

Find out about a man who is making a difference in ending violence against women.

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Equality at home

Anonymous, Men: Family, United Kingdom

Imagine that we allocated our household chores on the basis of skills rather than traditional gender roles.

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Island Rescue

Anonymous, Men: Friends , United Kingdom

A friend who made a practical difference to a women affected by violence.

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Mr Equality

Anonymous, Men: Family, United Kingdom

My husband respects and encourages women.

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My Brother-In-Law: Losing to Gain a Whole Lot More

Aston, Men: Family, United Kingdom

My brilliant brother-in-law is modelling a different way to live.

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